Idea Contest

The International open single-phase idea contest “Hacking Urban Furniture – Urban furniture in Communal-Collective-Cooperation (CCC)” searched for ideas for new forms, meanings and concepts of urban furniture. The focus here was on substantial conceptions of new economic models, functional expansions and civil-societal participation. Mere questions of design were not at the core of this contest; rather, it was about the collaboration of society, public function and formal solution.

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Expert jury:

- Prof. Folke Köbberling (artist)
- Gilly Karjevsky (curator)
- Gergely Laszlo (artist)
- Jan Bovelet (architecture theorist)
- Joanne Pouzenc (urban researcher)
- Prof. Kaja Pogacar (urban planner)
- KUNSTrePUBLIK (artist collective)

Preview: Miodrag Kuč (urban researcher)

Extrapolation Factory

Transition Habitats

Inspired by the spontaneous interventions on urban furniture, with the project Transition Habitats, the Extrapolation Factory proposes to address climate change and to accommodate urban species to be protected within new designs for urban use.

By doing so, the Extrapolation Factory reverses the question of profit, usually at stake in urban furniture designs and shifts from financial profit, usually given to private advertisement companies, to natural profit, at the same time by improving the quality and diversity of our urban ecosystems as well as making them visible and available as educational assets for all. The development of 3 examples of urban environmental furniture applied to the classical American mail box is the result of back and forth discussions with local communities and environmental experts in research of accuracy of the proposal for a global-local change.

Furthermore, the global quality of the work of the Extrapolation Factory focusing on participatory futures by ways of prototyping and experiencing in familiar urban contexts constitute an interesting empirical approach to re-define our present environments based on what we want them to become. Think future to improve present.

The jury agreed on providing the Extrapolation Factory with an honorary mention, definitively well earned and deserved.

Joanne Pouzenc


    Hacking Urban Furniture: artworks, ideas competition, exhibition co-funded by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds