Carolin Moje (Germany)

Carolin is a political scientist by training and has worked in the area of development cooperation in Egypt, Jordan and Mozambique, with brief stints in Iran. She joined the office of Katalin Gennburg, member of the Berlin parliament for Die Linke and speaker for urban development, tourism and smart cities in February 2017 after Katalin won her mandate in the last municipal elections.

Carolin also helps manage the re:publica conference (a key conference on digital culture) and works for newthinking communications, a company focusing on open source strategies. Carolin has been active in the Jonny Knüppel collective, a cultural space in the making in Kreuzberg and greatly enjoys participating in self-built environments, whether in cities or festivals.

In our political work, we are currently looking into the topic of the provision of urban furniture, in particular public toilets. A key aspect here is the aim to remunicipalize these as part of the provision of public services and regaining possibilities to shape the public spaces in Berlin in a more participatory manner.