Markus Ambach (Germany)

“Upcycling Urban Furnitur” is a multifunctional, universal urban furniture concepted and builded by the citizens of a special quarter in Berlin by using the stock in its urban surroinding. While discussing sense and senselessness oft he goods conterminating the urban sphere, the participants decide to in-or exclude old and new functions within the installation. The resulting installation is ment to be a highly dense, usable, multifunctional and universal urban furniture, consisting possible functions from benches to enlieghtment, selling machines or a public toilet, until fullfilling all kinds of purposes like advertisement, trashcans until a foodselling point. Due to that the installation offers the opportunity to own a small income fort he community. Within all it is a work of public art itself – another typology of urban furniture.

Although being a yet universal and highly individualised furniture, it’s concept is free to be carried out elswhere and is disributed in an advising booklet.

The work discusses the theme within urban communities and gives this process a significant expression. At the same time it defines a public sculpture with intense possibilities of use and offers a plattform fort he citizens to enlarge their own ideas on public spaces.