Satya Gummuluri (Germany)

Satya Gummuluri is originally from Bombay, based in southern Germany. Trained in engineering and music, she works with writing, research, music/sound, plus editorial, translation and feminist activism. She is concerned with deep questioning of landscapes of the social, the interpersonal and the self within urban and online spaces; perceptions of space and place, memory and loss. At her core she is concerned with the city of Bombay, her writing about which has appeared in Elsewhere Journal, and which is the subject of her solo album Seven Blue Seas. She has performed and recorded with jazz and improvised music groups in US, Europe and India, and is currently engaged with Surfatial, a trans-local group exploring knowledge emergence. During her Chicago years, she was engaged with the Active Transportation Alliance an urban activism non-profit, and in India, currently with Blank Noise which addresses feminism via projects such as #WalkAlone and #MeetToSleep, women reclaiming urban space against street harassment and prejudice

Which way is home? Sing the map to me as i walk, wander, drift through the city.