Sixten Sanne (Sweden)

Sixten Sanne, SWE, (*1987), is an urban artist and co-founder of RRP (Rävemåla Residency Programme), in rural Sweden, currently based in Berlin.
His work is often focused on the flow of the city and society, and his installation are intended to interupt this accepted norm.
The works are documented with video, and usually the video is what is left after the time-based experiment.
By subverting the capitalist territorilisation of public space, Sixten aims to create a new relation between the space and the spectator.
He wants the people to reimagine the these spaces, by inserting a tangible presence within the urban landscape.
The work is often about the initiative and the act, and in the end, the interest lies with the information and documentation of the people - rather then the spaces.

I like to play with the idea of what you can enable for in public space, and by changing the function of a space, also challenge the perception of the space.